For who

Unique holistic active regeneration programme is enjoyed by both active freaks as well as coach potatoes who finally want to start living more actively! Both women and men, age from 18 up to 100.

Searching, open, life loving, curious, ready to battle their own barriers.They come in order to undergo our sweet regime to achieve results, loose weight, find balance, peace and complete mental reset. They know that there will be no excuses and escape.

More then weight-loss-holiday bootcamp

Some come just to loose weight but soon it turns out that a week with SweatLodge Bootcamp is something much more that just a weight-loss-holiday. They find: change of life, new energy and vitality, courage, reset, higher level of physical and mental endurance, they find THEMSELVES AGAIN!

Surrender to our sweet regime for 1 week, loosing weight, regaining your waist, strengthening muscles, lifting up yourself,. Get yourself back energy, better body, balance and pleasure. You are welcome!