A 7-day regeneration programmme, for women and men, during which you’ll sculpture your physique and fine-tune your soul. The programme consists of physical exercise and revitalizing diet that will cleanse your body of toxins. Lots of activity, healthy diet, communing with nature and like-minded people will improve your looks and mood.

Lots of activity, healthy diet, communing with nature and like-minded people will improve your looks and mood. You’ll acquire a new vitality that will stay with you for many months afterwards…

SweatLodge - Push Yourself Hard Until the Pips Squeak! Sweat away troublesome emotions and toxins, burn up calories and reduce fat tissue.

Sweatlodge – N.American Indians rid themselves of toxins and “bad energy” with the help of high temperatures in a tent heated by hot stones. We will achieve the same by punishing ourselves rigorously in the mountains during training marches, yoga, stomach-flattening workouts and massage. Large quantities of water drunk on the trails and light – but nutritious – meals will help us survive and sweep our bodies clean of toxins.

  • SweatLodge - “Punish Yourself to the Limit!” is a real deluxe type of hard-core workout. Our programme promises maximum fitness, massage and yoga – bound to knock you into shape for the next day. Your physical exertion, on the edge of endurance, will give you an unexpected level of satisfaction.
  • This is no ladies’ weight-loss programme! It is a programme for women and men, consisting of physical effort, relaxation, diet and body shaping. That you’ll lose weight is certain – given the diet and the amount of activity it is unavoidable, but more than anything you’ll regain your physical and mental well-being, discover yourself anew and meet some great people.
  • Sweatlodge – Punish Yourself is an experience to be relished individually, with a loved one or shared with a group of friends. Individualists, deep-thinkers, those facing life-changing decisions, and intense, demanding types, will all find here an ambiance conducive to meditation, as well as food for body and soul.

SweatLodge – Punish Yourself is a programme for people who are not afraid of discovering in themselves new and unexpected levels of energy and enthusiasm.

After the 7 days, you’ll be dividing your life into “before” and “after”. You mind will calm down and your body will become firms and supple. If you are facing any life-changing decisions, you’ll tackle them with greater facility and experience a wonderful feeling of belief in your own mental and physical potential.